- Takes Orders for You
  - Processes Credit Cards
  - Recurring Billing Systems
  - Affiliate Program Mgmt
  - Digital Ebook Delivery
  - Autoresponders
  - Works with any Host
  - Customer Database
  - Pop Up Window Maker
  - UPS Shipping Module
  - Web Based Admin
  - Secure Shopping Cart
  - Email Notifications
  - Inventory Tracking
  - Buyer Registration
  - Survey Form
  - Ad/Revenue Tracking
  - Referral Script
  - Unlimited Broadcasting
  - Coupon Module
  - Delivers Your Products
  - And Much, Much More!



At last, you can put your web business on autopilot without having to struggle months with custom programming.

Everything conceivable is automated!

It takes orders from multiple web sites, processes credit cards real time, automates your recurring billing, spits out follow up letters to customers, automates digital delivery of your ebook or software, signs up resellers, trains associates, sets up order forms for new products, takes check orders, tracks the visitors, sales and conversions and commissions on every single ad your associates run for multiple products across multiple web sites, provides real time stats to resellers, follows up with prospects, automates your mailing list or ezine, creates pop up windows for your site, and finally, delivers your customer orders and associate commissions due to you, so it's easy to pay commissions monthly.

There are no complicated scripts to install, so it's totally portable. If your web host sucks or bites the dust, you can be set up on a new one before you can say "see ya." You can plug a new product into the system in less time than it takes to grab a burger at McDonalds, including your upsell/upgrade options on the order form.

And you can have separate domain names for different products all tied to the same associate program and a tidy one-page commissions summary.

The infrastructure contains top-of-the-line dedicated, reliable servers. It's ready to go out of the box, guaranteed to work and so simple even a non-techie can do it! All you do is sign up and plug in your information.

It works off-the-shelf with your existing merchant account and web hosting. Or you can work through our 3rd party merchant processing like Paypal or PaySystems -- even if you're in a foreign country.

Plus, you can try it out on a free trial if you act today. Just click the link below to activate a free, fully functioning 4 week trial.

For as little as $34.00 - $99.00 a month*, you'll never find a better business investment in your life.

*Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every 4 weeks

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